Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I come to Momentum Psychology?

  • People come to see a psychologist for all sorts of reasons, but one common thing seems to be that they want something a bit different from life than they have now.  Sometimes people come to work through struggles and difficult emotions that they are experiencing. Other times people want to learn strategies and techniques to improve their performance in sport, the arts, or in the workplace. And still other people just appreciate getting an outside perspective and a different view of their situation. My training in counselling (MEd in Counselling Psychology from the University of Alberta) and performance principles (MSc in Sport Psychology from Liverpool John Moores University in England) provides me with the education and experience to be helpful for a variety of people with a range of things they want to work on.


How much does it cost?

  • Fees are consistent with the Psychologists' Association of Alberta recommended fee schedule for 2017, at $190 per 50-minute session. This may be covered in whole or in part by your employee health benefits or through other health insurance/ extended health care coverage.
  • Payment is due at the start of session, and may be made by cash, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express (credit card transactions made via Square app). Please note I do not accept debit cards. You will receive a receipt, which you can submit to your health insurance/ benefits provider.
  • On occasions where I agree to meet for an 80-minute session with a client, the fee is $275 per 80-minute session.

 What if I miss a session?

  • Please provide 24 hours notice if you cannot make an appointment. Missed appointments or cancellations made with less than 24-hour notice will be charged at the full rate.

How long is a session?

  • Each session is generally 50 minutes. Occasionally, a client and I will plan and schedule 80-minute sessions during the course of our work together, which is then charged at the 80-minute session rate.

Do I need a referral?

  • No, you do not require a referral. Please contact me for a free phone consultation so that we can explore if we will make a good fit in working together. Provided that I have both the availability and expertise to meet your needs, we can book an appointment. In the case that I am unable to see you for counselling, I can provide you with referral options for your consideration. 

How many sessions will I come for?

  • This varies for everyone and depends on the nature of your presenting concerns, goals, and needs. Many people begin to notice some positive changes within the first few sessions and on average people come for between 8-10 sessions. (Some people come for a fewer number of sessions, while people who have struggled with a long-term issue come for more than 10 sessions, provided that this is feasible and will continue to facilitate improvement and positive change.) Early in our sessions together, we will explore your goals and a focus to direct our work. At this point, we may have a better sense of what a possible time frame for counselling will look like. 

How often do I come?

  • Generally people begin with weekly or bi-weekly sessions, and as people build in skills and confidence we taper off and meet less frequently. Particularly with performance psychology clients, having more frequent sessions at the outset of our work is beneficial for building consistency and momentum. 

Is the information I share kept confidential?

  • As a Registered Psychologist, I adhere to the standards of practice set out by the College of Alberta Psychologists. This includes a strict standard for confidentiality, which means that information that clients provide in session remains confidential. There are limits to confidentiality in certain circumstances, and we will discuss this information together in our first session together.